Winter Wedding Inspiration

This is a blog post I wrote for the Newport Life Magazine Wedding Blog.

Stay warm and stylish

No one wants to hide their wedding dress, so be wary of future weather when selecting yours. Opt for a chic, long sleeved gown, or perhaps a faux fur shawl to layer while outdoors. (If you’re having trouble deciding on your look, check out our blog post: 7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress.) To keep your guests warm, offer hand warmers or throw blankets from Cottage & Garden for them to wrap up in. Even if your wedding is mostly inside, fashionable mittens or a blanket scarf from Toci can make for a personal and cozy wedding party gift!

Embrace festive flowers

With the help of Songbird Floral Designs or Stoneblossom, you can add another winter touch to your big day. Choose colors like dark reds and maroon to add to your bouquets and centerpieces. Not exactly your theme? Crisp winter whites with a touch of greenery provide a vibrant canvas for any palette. If you’re in doubt, roses are timeless and can translate to any time of the year.

Indulge in seasonal libations

Hot drink selections can be another fun and tasty way to keep the cold at bay during your ceremony and reception.  Sweet Berry Farm offers fresh apple cider. Add your favorite alcoholic libations (Thomas Tew rum, anyone?) and you can treat your guests with a spiked cider station or alternatively, a hot chocolate bar.

Save the date, and some cash

Perhaps the most exciting part of a winter wedding in Newport is the savings! In Newport Wedding Magazine’s blog post, Wedding Hacks to Save You Money, we discuss the amazing deals offered by venues such as the Atlantic Resort. Your guests will enjoy lower prices as well, with hotels like Gurney’s Resort & Marina offering lower room rates and deals in their restaurants during the winter.


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